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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Treasured Thursdays

I've decided to try and run an event starting next Thursday. I thought I'd post up the theory of this activity ahead of time (on Thursday no less) so everyone can think ahead and get an idea of what they'd like to contribute.If they want to join in. ^_^

Treasured Thursday is about giving props to our favorites. Our most treasured.  A lot of times when we review a book, it's certainly not our favorite sometimes, and sometimes it becomes one of our favorites. Treasured Thursdays is for those that are our favorites of a specific topic. Say debut author, or childhood story, or even cover art, ecetera ecetera.

This gives us the opportunity to A.) share with each other our favorite books, and B.) give everyone the basic reasons why this is one of your treasures and perhaps may become one of ours too. ^_^
I know personally I have several dozen favorites depending on mood, time of year, and even how hot or cold I am. Lol. So I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's favorite next week and why it's your favorite.Just one a week is all I ask. ^_^ And perhaps from our discussions we'll have more to add to our TBR list by the end of the day.

 ^_^ I look forward to your most treasured books! 

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  1. This sounds really cool, Touya! :D I definitely try and take part tomorrow.