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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 Cent Tuesdays At Penny Reads

This week's 2 Cent Tuesday is book to movie adaptations. Yes, I know I'm late. My new class has taken more time then I thought it would. I still have an assignment I should be doing instead of this, but darn it, I don't want to be two days late. >_<

So Penny's asked the questions. Here are my answers:

Which movie to book adaptations do you love?
I’ve been avoiding book to movie adaptations for some time now. I think the last one I saw that I enjoyed was The Two Towers  and that’s a stretch. It was good but I still think the book was better. I will give props to Peter Jackson he didn’t massacre it as badly as it could have been. (An example of massacre: M. Night’s Avatar The Last Airbender.)

Which ones are so bad that you wish you could unsee them?
Queen of the Damned. WTF? O_o What were they thinking? Okay so Aaliyah as Akasha was a good idea… but what happened to the story written in the book? It was like they decided the screenwriters would be people who hadn’t even read the book but rather just the synopsis on the back. Not to mention they completely skipped Vampire Lestat. Or rather tried to combine both books into one movie. It’s bad enough they tried to fit a five hour read into a two hour movie but now they’ve added another five hours to a two hour movie. Let’s try to fit ten hours of details, conversations and locations into a two hour movie.
*end rant*

Which ones actually turned out better than the book?
O_o *hysterical laughter* You’re joking right? . . . Okay you’re not… ah… I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that had me saying: Wow I liked that more than the book… Although Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood, or Disney’s Three musketeers might be close? O_o I’ve never thought of it.

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