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Blog Policy

As of recent I’ve been asked about my blog policy a few times and honestly I had never really thought about it. So here are my thoughts on blog policy:

Just ask me. I’m pretty open. If you’d like me to read something that’s all you have to do. I have not yet refused any author or publisher that has asked. 

There are few strings attached to that. I’m going to be honest. Brutally so. There’s no way to grow if I lie to you, so I’m not going to. Fair warning. 

Secondly, if you ask me the book provided goes to the top of my reading pile. No if, ands, or buts about it. I will put down whatever I’m reading and read the book asked to read. (With the exception of other requests. I will NOT bump a request for a new request.)

General reading time is three days. Normally I can be done in one or two days but I like a buffer in case of the unpredictable. Normally I write the review as soon as I’m done but I also allow a day for that as well; life happens you know? 

Thereof, general turn around time, if I’m not already reading an author/publisher request is four or five days. Not too bad right?

If I’m missed something or you have other questions, again, please ask me. I don’t bite I promise. ^_^

My Contact information:

Twitter: @Touyasan

I check both frequently and usually respond the same day as I receive the message. 

P.S.: I own a Nook so format preferred is EPub. ^_^ Thanks.