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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cover Reveal and ReRelease!

It's so exciting to share the cover for Of Sparta the second book in the Of Legacies series.  There was so much challenge in creating this cover, and a huge shout out must be given and tons thank yous to Art is Life: Cover and Art Design for their fabulous work and tireless patience! 

A little about the book: 

Of Sparta
Expected Publication: March 4th, 2014
Genre: Young Adult Fiction


She was the strongest of Gaea’s Servants. Miera had been trained from
childhood to be Faithful always to the Goddess. She had been taught with Faith
they would always be protected. She had never wavered from that course. She
hadn’t counted on the consequences of that choice.

As Ariadne’s birthday draws closer darkness closes in on Sparta. Monsters, both
Tainted and Pure alike, were vying for pieces of their island. Doubt and fear
grew like pestilence. Death was unavoidable.

Sparta sat on the brink, but of what Miera wasn’t certain. There was no record,
no precedence for her to consult. There were no living patrons of the Goddess
to seek council from. She only had instinct and Faith. If she could not
maintain the balance Sparta would fall before Gaea’s return.

How did the lost lead the people out of darkness?

And now the grand moment everyone’s been waiting for:

The book will be available on Amazon and direct from the author.

And now to announce the rerelease for Of Gaea! After much debate the first book in the series has been reviewed, some important things have been added and it has had a professional grade editing done by the fantastic AGC Editing and Services.  It's on sale now for 99 Cents! 


P.S. The author will be at the Louisville Author Event in April with copies for purchase and autographing. And pictures. ^_^