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About Me

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About the reader(author):
Once upon a time, long, long ago, Victoria was born in sunny Florida, except it wasn’t sunny; it was the middle of the night. Midnight actually, well, two minutes past, but she tried really hard for midnight.

Victoria has been to twenty one schools in her lifetime. With all the continual switching around, she’s relied on her imagination for friends and books for close companions. True friends were hard to maintain and at that age hard to keep in touch with, so she went without. 
Currently, Victoria has set roots in New York, going to college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. She’s majoring in Video Game Art and Design and will hopefully have her bachelor’s soon. (And a huge bill to go along with it.) She hopes one day to be more popular then Square Enix.

Victoria has completed her first novel Of Gaea and is excited for it's release on January 1st of 2013. She's working on the second novel Of Sparta and hopes to have that done and ready for the masses by Christmas 2013.

She reads anything she can get her hands on, and devours a book in five hours or less. Primarily the Young adult books and the science fiction fantasy books more than anything else. However, she can be caught reading romance novels, and classics at times depending on her whimsy. Since her imagination is se well tuned, it’s difficult for her to read/watch anything horror or suspenseful. (She has a tendency for prolonged nightmares if she does.)

As an art student Victoria is continuously drawing, sketching, modeling, or vexeling some form of art. She’s also fond of doing graphics for friends or at times for commissions depending on the client.  

You can follow Victoria on twitter: @TouyaSan or @VescobarWrites (the latter is for writing stuff only) or chat with her on AIM: ComtesseDeAnime . Email works too: cvescobar@live.com or vescobarwrites@gmail.com. You can also check out her artwork at ofmycreation.blogspot.com. The website for her author page is http://cvescoba8.wix.com/victoriaescobar. Come stop by! ^_^

She doesn’t bite. Promise.

(P.s. I've set up some seperate sites for the writing side of my life. ^_^ You can visit them by going HERE and clicking around. ^_^ Look forward to seeing you there.)