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Friday, July 15, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

As of recent, I've had some serious decisions to make. Or depending on whom you ask, some "luxury" decisions to make. Recently, my newest college class has started and I'm currently frantically writing up the time management schedule so I can stay on top of everything. ^_^ technically, knowing this class was going to start I should have done it before hand, but I had no idea my teacher was going to be really, really demanding. None of my other classes have been this consuming. *frowns* Thereof I've made some time management decisions.

Firstly, I'm not going to stop doing anything that I'm already doing, I’m just putting them in special slots. Tuesday participation isn't going to change, but unlike the great tardiness that was me in participation I've set aside an hour to complete those on Tuesday. I felt really bad for being late on PennyReads, so it's not going to happen again. ^_^ Thursdays are still on for Treasured Thursdays. I'll probably be posting those first thing in the morning before work OR school so they'll be up and ready for everyone. I can check it during the day while I'm at work so chatting with everyone about their treasure isn't going to be a difficult thing to do. ^_^

Secondly, I will be writing reviews for every book I read from now on. It was suggested to me not to, however after some debate with myself and looking over my book list I feel like I'm missing opportunities to share what I think every time I don't review the book I just finished. So I'm going to stop neglecting that. I'll try to have them posted as I finish them, however, if I cannot, Sundays are free days, aka my day of do whatever I want. So, if the reviews aren't up during the week as I finish books they'll be posted on Sunday. Although I'm going to try really hard to have them posted up before I sign off for the night. Book reading is going to change from one a day to more than likely three a week. I still need to negotiate time for the 3D models I have to create so that three may be a two instead. *sad face* I really don’t know yet.

That's really all. I just wanted to put this up here, in case of some freak assignment that drained my supply of chocolate and I disappear for days at a time. (More than likely Mon, Weds, and Fri. ^_^) I'm not giving up, nor am I trying to neglect my books, I just have a really demanding class. ^_^ I really appreciate everyone sticking with me through this class. 


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