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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treasured Thursdays: Debut Authors

Treasured Thursday is all about our most treasured. This week is debut author. So what is your treasure that you’d like to share with everyone? ^_^ Here’s mine:
This week’s feature is Amy Plum’s Die For Me. The book isn’t very old at all (it was just published in May). ^_^ I instantly fell in love with this book. From the cover, to the cadence of the story, the characters, even the supporting characters are great loveable people.
What I really enjoyed most was Amy Plum’s characters and their interactions. The Revenants aren’t blood related in any way (some born centuries apart) but they feel like a close knitted family. And while all families have their problems, they’re very open about identifying and fixing what they people to be a problem. They feel like a real family and that feeling makes them very likeable and relatable in my mind. I like reading about a group of people that work together like family, even if they’re not, even if once a month someone is dying.
Another thing that this book has going for it and I love, is that all the characters are real and personable. I can relate to all of them. They’re not just cardboard cut outs. A lot of today’s books have characters that are just there and we don’t really get to connect with them. In Die For Me we get the inside scoop on all the characters. Even if it’s only a paragraph here or there. At least I have something that helps me understand how they tick and I can relate to them.
The plot’s no push over either. While I’m not a zombie fan, this takes the concept to a whole new level. I wouldn’t mind being a revenant. It’s not a glamorous life, but it’s certainly a much different portrayal then eating brains for dinner. ^_^ I pretty sure we’re about to be at war too, which is going to be an awesome strain on our characters and I want to see how they hold up to that. (Since most of them died in battle at least once though, maybe some of them are blasé about it. It’ll be cool to find out.)
This is a really solid debut book. I wasn’t disappointed in the least with it, and really can find no faults to complain about. (And I’ve read it five times already since getting it.) I would certainly recommend it to everyone for a fun read. ^_^ (And it's set in Paris. How sexy is that? ^_^)
How about yours?


  1. Yay for Treasured Thursdays! Sorry I can't participate this week, but I'll love to as soon as I get situated at home. I am dying to read Die for Me, no pun intended. ;)

  2. Hi! Just came over from Paper Cuts, saw where she'd posted your new Iron Fey buttons which are completely awesome! I'm going to put one on my site Fuzzy.Coffee.Books right now! Team Puck!
    I'll be following along. And Die for Me is on my TBR list. Can't wait to read it, thanks for the review!