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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Soapbox: Author Events

I can say from a fan’s perspective author events, signings, panels are very much appreciated. The interaction is great and getting inside the head of someone who’s “been then, done that” is certainly helpful for all aspiring creative minds. The problem is they go to the same places, repeatedly and never give anyone else a chance to meet them. 

I can’t really blame the author for this either. There’s the publisher that probably has a say, the agents, the bookstores, but still.  Why can’t anyone else get a turn? There has never been an author event here worth going to.

For the record, I don’t even live in a backwater town, or out of the way location. Well, maybe it’s a little out of the way. I live in the capital of my state in the mountains right along the river. There’s an airport, a train station, even a bus terminal. Thereof being able to get here shouldn’t really be too traumatically stressful. 

My biggest grievance is that no one ever comes here. What’s wrong with here? We have a really big Barnes and Noble that I’m sure can properly accommodate. And the population is a little over 300k for the county so it’s not like there’s not enough of people to promote to. It’s just frustrating. 

I would love more than anything to meet some of the authors and sit at a Q and A or even a signing and a handshake. Instead I have to buy pre-signed books with generic messages in it, if I want an autograph. Or I have to read articles from other bloggers or other interviews if I want the incite of my favorite author. 

It’s tragic that we never get a chance. It’s tragic that a lot of places never get a chance. I wish NYC would be passed by. Give Albany, or Rodchester, or Saratoga an author event every now and then. We’re starving up here. 

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