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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

I must live under a rock. I did not know it was Book Blogger Appreciation Week until someone wished me a happy one... today. It's four days into the week already. >_< I'm such a noob.

Regardless, I've decided to write this post as a shout out to everyone one of the Book Bloggers that deserve an appreciative hug for their support, conversations, and random twitter posts that keep me laughing all day at work.

So for the list of shout outs of bloggers that MUST be recognized or I will go totally insane:

Rachel @ Paper Cuts

Jessica and Donna @ Book Passion forLife 

O_o Wow this list is short. I need to get out more! 

Anyway total HAPPY BOOK BLOGGER APPRECIATION WEEK to my twitter/blogger cohorts! And if you’ve found your way here and don’t know who my peeps are totally check them out! They’re awesome bloggers too!! ^_^ 

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