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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sneek Peak (2)

It's no secret that I'm writing a novel. I've spent so much time writing though, that I've only been posting reviews for authors/publishers and books that really stick out at me.  I am still reading anything I can get my hands on though. (I've decided to hold contests for my favorite series in July. Keep an eye out for that news.)

In the meantime here's a little snippet of what I'm writing as I'm writing it. A teaser if you will. I'll probably do this every Sunday as that's my word count deadline too. ^_^ (For the curious this weeks' word count goal was 50K.  I'm over by 500 words.)

The story is called Of Gaea and here is today's snippet:

He looked thoughtful a moment.  “Perhaps.  You want me to walk you home?  It’s getting dark."

“We live in a less than two thousand person community.  Do you really think someone is going to come out of the dark with a knife and stick me in a few hundred feet?”  I was joking but his face was not amused. 

“I’ll walk you home.”  He took the bow from me and stepped aside so I could get by.  “It’s getting late.  We best be off.”

From Chapter two.  ^_^  What do you think?

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