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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blog Goods

I had an idea to make a tee shirt for the blog though I’m not sure for what. At first I was thinking to wrap giveaways in when they ship as a cool freebie, but then I thought maybe I should put a donate button up to help keep it running and give these away with every donation of 15$ or more. So really, it’s still up in the air what I’m actually going to do with these if I can find a screen printer to print them reasonably anyway. >_< (I wonder if I could do this with a couple of iron ons… *ponders* might have to attempt that.)

p.s Obviously the copyrighted books in the trees would have to be blanked out minus the ones I have permission to use. In which they’ll be featured on the back of the shirt as well, as seen in the design.

I also had ideas for bookmarks,  unique blog related jewelry, etc... Just not sure what to do anymore.

What are your thoughts?

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