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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Dear Followers,
Book Blogging is something we bloggers do because we enjoy and love it. This is an opinion that most of you would agree with, right? There’s just something fun and special about discovering a new book and sharing how you feel about it with others, regardless of whether those feelings are good or bad. Blogs are meant for sharing; unique reflections of the people who run them, and we feel that many book bloggers have lost sight of this simple truth lately. There have been some problems with certain people in our community constantly feeling that they are the authority on how individuals should run their own book blogs. These problems include:
1)      Public comments about not being able to take other bloggers seriously if they do or don’t a certain thing.
2)      Judging whether a blogger is good or bad by the frequency of their posts or number of memes they participate in.
3)      Attacking a blogger for writing a negative, but respectful, review.
And it’s problems like these that create drama, drama that sucks all the fun out of book blogging.
Therefore, some of us fellow bloggers are banning together to start a No Blog Drama (#NBD) campaign. This entails us taking a hiatus from our individual blogs to work on a collaborative blog (the Reading Salon), a blog where we will attempt to put the fun back into book blogging without any drama. We just want to express our thoughts and feelings on books openly without feeling judged or attacked over the manner in how we do so, which is definitely something everyone in our community is entitled to do.
So as part of our No Blog Drama (#NBD) campaign, our motto will be live and let live, and we would like to make a pledge with this motto, which is:
We, the bloggers at the Reading Salon, promise to not pass judgment on the way other bloggers conduct their individual blogs. We will respect all fellow bloggers, and allow them to live and let live without any unnecessary blog drama.
Also, if you have ever felt bullied or judged as a blogger, or feel strongly about ending blog drama, we invite you to join our campaign. If you want No Blog Drama, then say so. Voice your feelings, and don’t be afraid. You are welcome to use our #NBD badge if you like.

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