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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Writing, Writing

So I'm writing a novel. Ha. Name me a dedicated book lover that doesn't dream of doing so. Anyway, I thought for the fun of it, to post like a back of the book blurb or the in the inside of the book jacket. ^_^ It's a work in progress, I'm partial to comments and constructive criticism. 

Her teachers were the Archangels.  Her guards the seraphim.  She wanted nothing more than to be normal. To go to school with other kids, to make friends, to LIVE, but every year she was denied. Her home was a cage. She did nothing without someone. Every six months they moved. Every six months the seraphim grew more agitated. Whatever was chasing them was getting closer with each move.

What they didn’t tell her...

The archangels taught so she could protect herself if the seraphim failed. The seraphim guarded against a darkness that she’d never known... her father. She held something he wanted. Something it took the Choir of Seraphim a thousand years to safely transfer from one to the other. With each passing year it grew more hers then his. To keep it, she had to survive until her eighteenth birthday. Once she reached majority it was hers forever. This was the final year and he’s finally found her. 

Wow that's a lot of words looking at it this way. Hm... wonder if I should cut it down...

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