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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Series Review: Angelfire

Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked
Author: Courtney Allison Moulton         
Publish Date: 2011 / 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins

I must apologize. It’s taking me forever to write reviews but not read. >_< I really should start writing a review as soon as I’m done reading rather than jumping into the next book,. Or in the instance of the Angelfire books, I read them back to back. 

The story follows Ellie, a girl who has extraordinary abilities. She has a companion, Will and they basically protect the world from the greater evils of the depths of Hell.

The story environment is fantastic and very realistic. It’s like watching a movie in words. There’s no confusion or puzzlement over what something looks like or what exactly that is. Everything is clearly and realistically drawn out. 

Ellie is a wonderful character. She’s smart, and strong and doesn’t buckle under the task appointed to her, though there are instances where the reader can feel her despair and want to quit. But she doesn’t. She grits her teeth and pushed through. No matter how impossible it may seem she still fights for her future. It’s super admirable. 

Will is complex. His only thought, his very existence relies on Ellie. It’s weird in a way and slightly unsettling at first when his full nature is revealed and the story behind it. His loyalty and love for Ellie is unquestionable and unshakable throughout both books and it’s wonderful to read the lengths he goes to keep himself by her side. 

The story itself moves quickly from point A to point B without much of a stop inbetween. Ellie is thrust from one problem to the next, sometimes of her own doing, and sometimes it is outside of her control. There’s no way to read just one chapter at a time simply because by the end of the chapter there’s something else that needs attended to and the reader is dying to know what’s going to happen. (Or at least I was)

In whole the books were amazing. It’s a definitely top of the charts paranormal book that all paranormal fans should read. However, I recommend blocking out a decent amount of time for it. Once started there’s no stopping until the end of the second book is reached and then there’s no way to continue like the story demands it be continued because the last in the series hasn’t been released yet. It’s heart wrenching. T_T Once again, if you’re a lover of paranormal you MUST read this series. It doesn’t get any better than this. 

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